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Creating a Community Patchwork Quilt

Create a drawing to illustrate a unique feature of each community for inclusion in a patchwork quilt.

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In this challenge, which might serve as a culminating activity for the inquiry, students create a patchwork quilt of drawings that clearly illustrate the unique features of an assigned community. Instruct students to create three pictures by drawing, painting or using software to illustrate a most unique feature of each community. Through discussion, develop criteria to help each student create the pictures that best illustrate the community (e.g., clearly illustrates a factor, the factor greatly influences the community, the feature is unique to that community). Remind students that a patchwork quilt is a kind of blanket created by sewing together pieces of fabric to produce a design or message. If available, display pictures or examples of quilts. To facilitate easy identification of similar features, use colour-coded construction paper for the illustrations (e.g., yellow for culture, blue for heritage). You might use a different shape for each community (e.g., square, hexagon, equilateral triangle) to distinguish the quilts. Instruct students to assemble their quilts by mounting the illustrations on a large piece of paper or assemble all illustrations to create a class quilt.

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