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Imagine If...

If you and your family were to move to one of the four selected communities, what would be the greatest positive difference in your lives?

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Specific Outcomes

This critical challenge may address these outcomes:

Specific Outcome - Students will demonstrate an awareness of and interest in the beliefs, traditions and customs of groups and communities other than their own
Specific Outcome - What determines quality of life?
Specific Outcome 3.S.1.1 - Students will evaluate ideas and information from different points of view
Specific Outcome 3.S.1.3 - Students will generate original ideas and strategies in individual and group activities
Specific Outcome 3.S.4.2 - Students will support proposed ideas, strategies and options with facts and reasons
Specific Outcome 3.S.7.9 - Students will draw conclusions from organized information
Specific Outcome 3.S.8.2 - Students will listen to others in order to understand their points of view
C Citizenship
ER Economics and Resources
CC Culture and Community
I Identity
LPP The Land: Places and People
GC Global Connections
TCC Time, Continuity and Change
PADM Power, Authority, and Decision Making
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