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Renaming Alberta's Natural Regions

  • Find out as much as you can about your assigned natural region of Alberta, using the maps provided.
  • Rename your assigned region of Alberta.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources

Specific Outcomes

This critical challenge may address these outcomes:

Specfic Outcome - Students will appreciate the diversity of elements pertaining to geography, climate, geology and palaeontology in Alberta (LPP)
Specfic Outcome - What are the major geographical and natural vegetation regions, landforms and bodies of water in Alberta (e.g., prairie region, forests, rivers, hoodoos, Rocky Mountains, oil sands)? (LPP)
Specfic Outcome - What are the factors that determine climate in the diverse regions of Alberta (e.g., latitude, mountains)? (LPP)
Specfic Outcome 4.S.5.1 - Students will demonstrate an awareness of the skills required for compromise and consensus building
Specfic Outcome 4.S.7.1 - Students will develop the skills of skimming and scanning to gather relevant information
Specfic Outcome 4.S.7.2 - Students will organize and synthesize information gathered from a variety of sources
Specfic Outcome 4.S.7.3 - Students will use graphic organizers, such as webbing or Venn diagrams, to make meaning of information
Specfic Outcome 4.S.7.4 - Students will draw and support conclusions, based on information gathered, to answer a research question
Specfic Outcome 4.S.7.7 - Students will access and retrieve appropriate information from the Internet by using a specific search path or from given uniform resource locations (URLs)
Specfic Outcome 4.S.9.1 - Students will compare information on the same issue or topic from print media, television, photographs and the Internet.
C Citizenship
ER Economics and Resources
CC Culture and Community
I Identity
LPP The Land: Places and People
GC Global Connections
TCC Time, Continuity and Change
PADM Power, Authority, and Decision Making
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