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Travelling the Province

Create a travelogue or itinerary to be used by an out-of-province family planning a vacation to learn about the natural and human-made features in Alberta.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Title: The Atlas of Canada. Discover Canada through National Maps and Facts. Explore Our Maps
Host: Natural Resources Canada
Description: This website is a database of Canadian maps.
Navigation Tips: Click on any topic in the left-hand-side menu or under Map Topics, e.g., Environment, People & Society, Economy, History, Climate Change, Freshwater, Health, to access information and view maps relating to that topic. Point the cursor at Reference Maps in the left-hand-side menu to access a listing of maps that can be viewed or printed out. Click on Lesson Plans, then scroll all the way down and click on Lesson Plans by Province/Territory and Specific Grade Level. Finally, click on British Columbia to access a trip-planning student activity travelling from Victoria to Drumheller using an online atlas and other tools.


Title: Travel Alberta  
Host: Travel Alberta
Description: This website contains information about tourism in Alberta and has a map of Alberta's primary tourism regions and destinations including major towns/cities and primary roads.


Title: The Atlas of Canada. Discover Canada through National Maps and Facts. Alberta
Host: Natural Resources Canada
Description: This website contains a map of Alberta.



2005 Natural Regions and Subregions of Alberta


Government of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation 


This website contains a natural regions map of Alberta.



Host: Government of Alberta, Tourism Parks and Recreation
Description: This website contains maps, photo galleries and information on Alberta’s provincial parks.
Navigation Tips: Click on tabs and links to access information.


Title: The Spirit of Alberta
Host: 2Learn.caEducation Society
Description: This website contains links, projects and classroom activities that enable teachers to integrate the Alberta theme into many aspects of curriculum.
Navigation Tips: Point the cursor at a heading at the top of the screen—Projects, Activities, Resources, Tools, Web Links—and click to view a drop-down menu; then click on any item within the drop-down menu to access information.
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