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Canada's Immigration Policies

Assess the overall success of immigration policies in 19th century Canada, based on their impact on various groups.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Title: Pioneers Head West: Marketing the Frontier
Host: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Description: This website contains information about a misleading advertising campaign that convinces thousands to head west.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to read the text.


Title: The Canadian West: Anticipation—Contact—Accommodation
Host: Library and Archives Canada
Description: This website is an exhibition that explores several aspects of European arrival and settlement in the Canadian West, and provides a glimpse of those people who helped forge the new society and bring the West into Confederation.
Navigation Tips: Click on a topic to access information and images.


Title: Keys to History: Thematic Tours—Go West!  Settling Canada’s Prairies
Host: McCord Museum of Canadian History
Description: This website contains a Web tour that addresses the question of what made the prairie provinces what they are and discusses the dynamic forces that created the modern country we now live in.
Navigation Tips: Click on View the Web Tour, View the Movie Clip or View the Flash Clip to access information.


Title: Canada e-Book
Host: Statistics Canada
Description: This website uses sound, images, tables, graphs and both analytical and descriptive text to look at Canada–The Land, The People, The Economy and The State.
Navigation Tips: Click on The People in the left-hand-side menu and then click on The Population to access subcategories for recent immigration patterns.
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