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Immigration to British North America

  • Assess the levels of hardships experienced by various British immigrant groups and the significant contributions British immigrants made to British North America.
  • Write a diary entry that reflects an immigrant's experience in the new land.

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Books listed as references have not been reviewed or approved by Alberta Education.

Title: Canada Revisited
Description: Canada Revisited brings to life fascinating and vibrant history in a way that is both interesting and relevant for students.
Author/Editor: Clark, Penny and Roberta McKay
Published by: Edmonton, AB: Arnold Publishing, 1992


Title: Canada: A People’s History
Description: Running Time: 30 Hours. DVD.
The series consists of 17 episodes. The opening episode of this documentary ranges across the continent, looking back more than 15,000 years to recount the varied history of the first occupants of the territory that would become Canada. The final episode deals with such topics as free trade, globalization, regionalism, the rise of feminism, Aboriginal claims, growing multiculturalism and the explosion of computer technology.
Author/Editor: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada
Published by: CBC/Radio-Canada, 2000


Title: Canada Heirloom Series
Description: Volume 1, Chapter 5 provides a detailed account of Canadian settlement patterns in the 19th century. Archival images are included.
Published by: Canada’s Digital Collections


Title: The Canadian Encyclopaedia. Immigration
Host: Historica Canada
Description: This webpage is an article about immigration.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to read the text.



Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21


Government of Canada


This website contains information about Pier 21, a museum that preserves an immigration centre in Halifax Nova Scotia, that welcomed one million immigrants to Canada.

Navigation Tips:

Click on Education or Exhibits to access educational materials.



Title: Crossroads of Culture
Host: Canadian Museum of Civilization
Description: This website contains images of artifacts, documents and photographs that detail over two-hundred years of immigration to Canada. Themes include an historical overview of immigration to Canada and Trunks and Travel.
Navigation Tips: Click on tabs to access a category and then click on an item in that category to access information.
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