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Rating the Effectiveness of the Canadian and American Economic Systems

Design and complete a report card to assess the effectiveness of the Canadian and American economies in improving the quality of life of citizens.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Title: The World Factbook
Host: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Description: This website contains maps, textual information and up-to-date statistics on almost every country in the world.
Navigation Tips: Select a country or location from the drop-down menu.


Title: Human Development Reports
Host: United Nations Development Programme
Description: This website contains links to Human Development Report statistics and index rankings by country. Click on the link in Interactive features for a list of options for displaying the data.
Navigation Tips: Click on a link to display data for a country.


Title: Mixed Economy
Host: Wikipedia

This website contains information about a mixed economy, and has links to information on capitalism and socialism.

Navigation Tips: Click on the table of contents to access information.
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