Communicative Competence by Strand – Writing

The process of writing involves exploring, shaping and recording one’s thoughts and communicating them through various text forms to particular audiences using appropriate tone and voice. Conventions such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, as well as syntax (sentence structure) and word choice, are elements of the writing process.

Linguistic Competence

It includes grammar, vocabulary and the mechanics of the language.  These performance aspects of written language are highly valued in judging the quality of a piece of writing.

Strategic Competence

A strategic writer creates text appropriate to purpose, voice, audience, form and occasion.

Socio-linguistic Competence

The student is able to vary the use of language in terms of audience, purpose, genre, topic and degree of formality.  It is through socio-linguistic competence that writers maintain their credibility with their audience.

Discourse Competence

Knowledge of transitional devices that connect one element in a text with another.  Transitional devices such as reference, substitution, ellipsis, conjunction and lexical cohesion.




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