Planning GuideGrade 8
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Strand: Number
Outcome: 7

Step 5: Follow-up on Assessment

Guiding Questions

  • What conclusions can be made from assessment information?
  • How effective have instructional approaches been?
  • What are the next steps in instruction?

A. Addressing Gaps in Learning

  • Use manipulatives to connect the concrete, pictorial and symbolic modes of multiplying and dividing integers.
  • Relate the multiplying and dividing of integers to the multiplying and dividing of whole numbers.
  • Use problem situations that are simple in nature.

B. Reinforcing and Extending Learning

Students who have achieved or exceeded the outcomes will benefit from ongoing opportunities to apply and extend their learning. These activities should support students in developing a deeper understanding of the concept and should not progress to the outcomes in subsequent grades.

Consider strategies such as:

Activity: Write a multiplication/division story that follows two rules:

  1. It must end in a question.
  2. The question must be one that's possible to answer by multiplying or dividing integers. Solve the story problem in as many ways as you can.

Exchange papers and solve each other's problems.

Adapted from Burns, Marilyn. About Teaching Mathematics: A K–8 Resource, Second Edition, p. 200. Copyright © 2000 by Math Solutions Publications. Adapted by permission. All rights reserved. (Note: This title is now in its third edition, copyright © 2007.)