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Comparing Life Then and Now

  • Create three questions to ask of a community member about life when she or he was young.
  • How was life back then very similar to and very different from my life now?

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Specific Outcomes

This critical challenge may address these outcomes:

Specific Outcome - Students will recognize how their families and communities might have been different in the past than they are today
Specific Outcome - Students will recognize how their ancestors contribute to their sense of identity within their family and communities
Specific Outcome - Students will appreciate people who have contributed to their communities over time
Specific Outcome - How have changes affected my family over time (e.g., births, deaths, moves)?
Specific Outcome - What is my family's past in our community?
Specific Outcome - In what ways has my community changed over time (e.g., original inhabitants, ancestors, generations, ways of life)?
Specific Outcome - How have changes over time affected their families and communities in the present?
Specific Outcome 1.S.2.1 - Students will recognize that some activities or events occur on a seasonal basis
Specific Outcome 1.S.2.2 - Students will differentiate between activities and events that occurred recently and long ago
Specific Outcome 1.S.7.1 - Students will ask questions to make meaning of a topic
Specific Outcome 1.S.7.2 - Students will compare and contrast information gathered
Specific Outcome 1.S.8.1 - Students will interact with others in a socially appropriate manner
Specific Outcome 1.S.8.3 - Students will listen to others in order to understand their point of view
C Citizenship
ER Economics and Resources
CC Culture and Community
I Identity
LPP The Land: Places and People
GC Global Connections
TCC Time, Continuity and Change
PADM Power, Authority, and Decision Making
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