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Comparing Life Then and Now

  • Create three questions to ask of a community member about life when she or he was young.
  • How was life back then very similar to and very different from my life now?

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Books listed as references have not been reviewed or approved by Alberta Education.

Title: Three Names
Description: Recalling his days as a student in a one-room prairie schoolhouse, great-grandfather reminisces about his beloved dog Three Names. Three Names attended school with great-grandfather "a hundred years ago," riding along in the wagon, and sharing the lessons, the teacher's lunch, occasional celebrations and the excitement of a tornado.
Author/Editor: MacLachlan, Patricia
Published by: Toronto, ON: Scholastic, 1991


Title: A Prairie Boy’s Winter
Description: This book presents the author's memories of boyhood on a 1930 prairie farm in winter. Included are favourite pastimes and games that the children played.
Author/Editor: Kurelek, William
Published by: Montreal, QC: Tundra Books, 1973
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