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Picture Book Change Over Time

Create a picture book that shows changes in your community as seen though the eyes of many groups.

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Title: Window
Description: In this wordless picture book, mother and baby look through a window at a view of wilderness and sky as far as the eye can see. With each page, the boy grows and the scene changes. At first, in a clear patch of forest, a single house appears. A few years pass and there is a village in the distance. By the time the boy is twenty, the village has developed into a city. The young man gets married, has a child of his own and moves to the country, where father and child look through the window of their new home at the undeveloped wilderness outside.
Author/Editor: Baker, Jeannie
Published by: New York, NY: Greenwillow Books, 1991


Title: The House on Maple Street
Description: During the course of three hundred years, many people have passed by or lived on the spot now occupied by a house numbered 107 Maple Street. The story shows the changes over the years – from animals passing by, Aboriginal people staying for a while, settlers arriving, a farm developing, a town growing, and finally, a modern community developing. Very useful for the Time, Continuity and Change strand of the new social studies. Well done, with very lovely illustrations.
Author/Editor: Pryor, Bonnie
Published by: New York, N.Y: Harper Collins, 1992
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