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Recreating a Traditional Celebration

Plan a class celebration that reflects your understanding of the customs of one of the communities.

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Acadian History in Nova Scotia, Canada


Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage


This website contains information about Nova Scotia’s Acadian regions, history, culture, festivals, events and tourist attractions.

Navigation Tips:

Click on topics in the menus to access information.



Title: Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.
Host: Government of the Northwest Territories
Description: This website contains a database of historical photographs, documents and maps about the Northwest Territories.
Navigation Tips: Access data from the menu or use the search option.


Title: Notre Cuisine Acadienne / Cadienne
Host: Joseph Ralph T. Theriault
Description: This website contains stories about Acadian dining customs and traditional foods and includes a database of Acadian recipes.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to access stories. Scroll further down to access a database of recipes. Click on the diamond shaped icon to the left of the recipe to access details about the recipe. Scroll to the very bottom of the original home website screen and click on the link at the bottom to access This website is about the Terriot Acadian family. This website includes their family history and background information about Acadia.
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