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Welcome to the Alberta Legislature Virtual Visit!

Robert E. Wanner

As the Speaker of Alberta's Legislative Assembly I am honoured to invite you for a virtual visit to Alberta's Legislature Building. This online tour ensures our grand and historic building is always open and accessible to all who wish to visit. I know you will enjoy this customizable and engaging tour.

Hon. Robert E. Wanner, Speaker

Virtual Visit – Experience It!

The Alberta Legislature Building is more than steel, stone and glass. It is grand architecture, history, a place to visit and a living monument to the institution and ideals of democratic parliament.

Each year, thousands of people, including groups of school students, visit the Alberta Legislature. If you are unable to take a public tour of the Legislature, or if you want to familiarize yourself with the building and its history before visiting in person, you can now participate in a Virtual Visit, in English or French, at any time, using the Internet.

Launch Virtual Visit

Explore, Learn and Participate!

Virtual Visit takes you into the Alberta Legislature to look and move around as if you were actually inside, replicating the layout, scale and features of this unique building. A fully guided tour option, including multimedia activities that align with Alberta Kindergarten to Grade 12 programs of study, further enriches the experience and adds value as a learning and teaching resource. In Virtual Visit, you can:

  • customize avatars
  • explore on your own
  • listen to a guided tour
  • learn through activities.